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A Look at How to Wear Today’s Hottest Colored Eyelash Options

December 24, 2012

If you’re like a lot of fashion-conscious, stylish, modern women these days, then you no doubt already understand the benefits of knowing how to rock today’s hottest looks from the best false eyelash suppliers out there today. False eyelashes offer you a superior degree of flexibility when it comes to amping up vintage looks and even turning up the heat on casual weekend looks. However, it’s important to understand that this is hardly all false eyelashes can do.

If you’re a night person who likes to go out on the town on a regular basis or hit the clubs on the weekends, you really might want to consider getting extra daring by adding colored false eyelashes to your repertoire. Here’s how to make colored lashes work for you!


Combine Colored or Fashion Lashes With A Base Lash

Although white, blue, green, or pink lashes no doubt make a bold statement and add a powerfully flirtatious angle to your club look, it’s nevertheless important to understand that such colors can close the eye and make it look small or squinty if you’re not careful. Experts from top eyelash suppliers help prevent this from happening by using colored lashes in tandem with a base lash in a standard color.

Apply a simple fringe lash in brown or black according to your coloring (brown for blondes and redheads, black for darker gals). Then go about applying your colored, feather, or fashion lashes for best results. You’ll be shocked at how much more professional your application looks. Try it!


Pay Attention to Your Bottom Lashes

When creating an over-the-top, ultra fantastic nighttime look, you want to make sure that your overall look is as balanced as possible. That means paying attention to your bottom lashes. We know! Normally, you don’t apply false eyelashes to the bottom lid, but when it comes to heavier, fantasy looks that involve colored or alternative lashes, it makes a huge difference. Keep things simple and natural though. Save the color for the top lid and apply false lashes in your base color to the bottoms.


Practice Your Look at Home

When brainstorming a creative, sultry look for a party, Halloween, or a special night out on the town, it always pays to do some dry runs in regards to the look first. Make sure you schedule yourself an afternoon or an evening to try out your desired eye look ahead of time so that you can tailor it to perfection by the time the big day rolls around. You’ll be so glad you did if your look turns out to need a few tweaks!


Choose Good Eyelash Suppliers to Buy From

Last but definitely not least, it’s important to make sure you buy your false eyelashes from the right eyelash suppliers. Look for shops and websites that come attached to high levels of customer satisfaction and great consumer reviews and you can’t go wrong. Start experimenting with fashion eyelashes today and unleash your creativity!