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Beauty hotspots around the world

January 27, 2013

While beauty as a whole has had a huge uptake across the world for centuries, it is also true that when it comes to contemporary times, especially now in 2013, there are select places around the world which have particularly emerged as hotspots for beauty or beauty products.

It could be in the form of say a tendency for the general population to take to beauty products, or it could also imply places where there are particular kinds of beauty products which are more commonly available than others – and at the same time, there is also a resurgent demand for such products in those places.

Let us particularly focus on the latter in this article, wherein we look at particular places and see the kind of beauty focus they have in particular.


Fragrances in Dubai

Dubai has emerged as a particularly strong and resurgent hotspot for fragrances in particular. While it has to be said that cosmetics as a whole have a very big uptake in Dubai, especially thanks to the huge malls and millions of tourists who come to the Emirate from around the world to shop, it is perfumes that they seek in particular.

There are numerous reasons for this penchant. First, Middle Eastern people in general themselves tend to have a very large preference for as well as uptake of perfumes, men and women included. The hot weather itself mandates that they smell good in order to feel good, in spite of the scorching humidity and perspiration.

Marketers of these products have in turn focused their attention on Dubai, since they know that perfumes will sell very well there, with many people especially coming in to purchase all such items.


Makeup items in Los Angeles

While makeup sells well across the western world very well, it is true that there are certain pockets where it sells all the more. In the US in particular, we find that Los Angeles is clearly a hub for beauty products, makeup in particular.

Again, the reasons for such an emergence are not too hard to fathom. For instance, we see that the film and television industry in the US is largely centered in and round LA. This in turn creates a natural and consistent demand for makeup items throughout the year in the city. Further, it is popularly known that Los Angeles is a city of fashionistas, a City of Angels (well, that is what the name of the city means anyway!) where they like their makeup and aspire to look and feel good at all times.

Check out Blair Fowler’s video below, featured on her vlog channel on YouTube, OtherJuicyStar07, which she runs parallel to her immensely popular beauty and fashion YouTube channel, JuicyStar07. At the time of writing this article, the latter channel had in excess of 228 million views!!



The video showcases Blair Fowler, along with her older sister Elle Fowler out on what is a Los Angeles Fashion’s Night Out, along with a special Giveaway which they have lined up for their fans.

Clearly, the position of Los Angeles as a global beauty and makeup hub is virtually unparalleled.


Beauty Paraphernalia in Milan and Paris 

When it comes to beauty paraphernalia, particularly hair extensions, false eyelashes, wigs, toupees and so on, we find that places like Milan and Paris particularly stand out, thanks to the very vibrant fashion industry which is present in these places.

In many ways, both Milan and Paris can easily be considered as global hubs of fashion, with many fashion designers not really considering themselves to have actually “arrived” on the scene, till they have had their collections showcased at these places.

Along with Sao Paulo in Brazil, one can easily say that thanks to the very high fashion activity in these places, demand for beauty paraphernalia like the ones mentioned above continues to remain really high as well.


Beauty Innovation in Japan

Japan is a market which is renowned worldwide for its prowess for technology and this is an aspect which comes to the fore in the case of beauty as well.

So in a sense, if you are looking for beauty products which are technologically innovative as well as what would easily be considered as ahead of their times in a lot of other markets from around the world, we would emphatically state that Japan would not disappoint you in anyway.

And this surely includes the false eyelashes, wigs, hair extensions, toupees niche as well since the Japanese in particular do tend to have an active penchant for these items while at the same time ensuring a tech savvy perspective always!


Lessons for the Beauty Industry

The lessons for beauty industry would be to ensure that they have a resilient presence in these places so that they sell well there and at the same time, also establish their credibility that much strongly.