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How to Buy a Good, High Quality Toupee

February 21, 2014

A good piece of toupee is not just about accessory; for many males, toupee is a tool to help them overcoming embarrassment because of hair loss and scalp problem that is very obvious. However, buying a toupee sometimes seems like gambling for many males, especially if you care about the origins of the toupee and health concerns behind it. Many toupee makers make their products on unethical base, such as not paying attention to the health factors or using non hygienic hair and even synthetic materials that can create allergies and other additional scalp problems.

Tips to Buy Your First Toupee

When you are going to buy your first toupee, do not forget to invest to buy at least two pieces of this product. It is based on simple notion; you can use one while the other one is being washed or maintained. Keeping a clean toupee is very important for the health of your scalp. However, the task to keep the toupee in good condition should not just fall into your hands.

To make sure that you buy your toupee from business that has ethical business base, make sure you:

  • Ask whether the toupee has been tested for allergic reactions and other possible problems or not. The toupee must also be made of clean hair and using hygienic methods.
  • Make sure you shave your head clean, and do not buy toupee in the hope that it will integrate with your actual, remaining hair, which is not true (but sadly often becomes sales pitch promise by many toupee maker businesses).
  • Make sure you learn first about the correct way to wash and maintain your toupee. Remember, your toupee is used every day but it is not the same with your own hair, so special maintenance method must be learned if you want your toupee to be in always good condition.

You can also ask about toupee maintenance and toupee buying warranties to the business that sells it, before you actually buy it.

Tips for Toupee Maintenance

Toupee maintenance is very easy, so you better not accepting offer from the manufacturer or seller for maintaining your toupee regularly. In fact, signing for ‘maintenance contract’ or such can be more troublesome than helpful, and your toupee has better chance of staying with you where you can do careful maintenance.

By knowing where and how to buy a toupee, including picking an ethical business, you can get the best piece of good toupee and gain your confidence back despite of scalp problems. Check out our product gallery: