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Characteristics of a Good False Eyelash Manufacturer

December 13, 2012

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what the secret behind today’s most glamorous eye looks really is, you’re not alone. How do pop stars, models, and Hollywood actresses alike achieve those incredible lashes that frame the eyes so perfectly? It’s not mascara and it’s not natural beauty. It’s a good false eyelash!

False eyelashes today aren’t what they were in the 60’s. They’re more natural-looking, versatile, and wearable than ever before and not just in regards to glam looks either. Many women are choosing cluster or individual lash options as a great way to amp up their favorite office and weekend looks. You can do the same… but it’s imperative that you choose a good product from a good false eyelash manufacturer to work with.



Reputation is everything when it comes to so many things about life and beauty supplies are no different. What are other people saying about the eyelash manufacturer you’re considering? Does the manufacturer employ environmentally friendly production practices and follow fair labor laws? Are they known for putting out a good quality product that represents a good value? Remember that false eyelashes are worn around your eyes, one of the most sensitive and valuable parts of your body. It’s important that you select a product you can trust.



In this day and age, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone to whom a good value isn’t important and that should include your eyelash manufacturer. It’s important to note that value isn’t just about price either. Value is about striking a good balance between reasonable pricing and product usability – getting plenty of bang for your buck. Don’t assume that because a given eyelash manufacturer pedals products that are outrageous in price that they’re better in quality. However, don’t automatically assume that all options are created equally and go for the cheapest option available either. Try reading online product reviews to help get a feeling for what to expect from a given brand name.



False eyelashes aren’t one trick ponies anymore the way they might have been back in the day. Today, they can be used to create a wide variety of different looks and it’s important to choose an eyelash manufacturer that can help you create them all with a wide selection of gorgeous, reliable products. A good eyelash manufacturer not only has a good selection of traditional strip-style lashes, but also plenty to choose from when it comes to individual or cluster style lashes as well. Lashes should be soft and natural looking, not spiky and fake-looking. If a given set of lashes look like they’d be more at home on a Barbie doll than a human face, then it’s best to keep looking. There are better choices.

At the end of the day, a good eyelash manufacturer is interested in quality, customer service, and providing something of value to their valued clientele. Be sure you hold out for the right option for you!