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Choosing the Right Hair Extensions

September 13, 2012

Long, beautiful hair is something that never goes out of style. However, growing one’s hair out to the desired length can also be a slow, tedious process that can take years of patience and painstaking care to achieve. That’s exactly why solutions like hair extensions are all the rage these days. They allow today’s busy, modern woman to easily and conveniently get the long locks she’s coveting without having to spend years waiting for her own hair to grow.

However, deciding that hair extensions sound like a good fit for you and actually knowing how to go about choosing the right ones are two different animals altogether. As is the case with any false hair product, it’s important to make a good quality choice that will look tasteful and realistic. It’s also important to make sure that your extensions compliment and add to your unique looks, as opposed to take away. Here are some tips to remember.

Strike a Balance Between Your Desired Look and Your Actual Features

Many a woman has a picture in her head of what her ideal head of hair looks like and it’s tempting to use hair extensions to finally achieve that look at long last. Maybe there’s a particular actress whose locks she’s always wanted or perhaps she’s always dreamed of rocking a particular look that’s been hot for a while. However, it’s also important to realize that liking a particular look and actually choosing a look that suits your features are two different things.

  • All hairstyles – whether they involve the insertion of extensions or not – need to suit the face shape of the wearer, so it’s important to know which styles best suit yours.
  • If you have a round, full face, you might want to consider forgoing a head full of curls for a sleek, straight option that will compliment your natural features.
  • Long, slender faces on the other hand, look great with curls or full hairstyles.
  • People with large foreheads may want to think about layered looks that involve bangs or a side-swept fringe.

If you’re not sure what styles look the most flattering on you, it’s best to ask your friends or – better yet – a professional who specializes in telling people what looks best on them for a living.

Make Sure Extensions Match Your Existing Hair Exactly

Extensions are designed to help enhance the head of hair you already have, not completely change the look of it. This is the case whether you’re looking to beef up the look of thin, limp hair with extensions of the same length or if you want to add non-existent length to hair that’s shorter or only of medium length. That said, you really need to take care to make sure your extensions look as close to your real hair as possible.

Texture is extremely important to consider. Don’t choose wavy extensions to go into straight hair thinking it’s going to fool people into thinking you actually have an entire head of wavy hair. Avoid choosing extensions that are fluffy thinking they’re going to blend well into sleek or limp hair and make it look more substantial. All this does is give people the impression you can’t pay attention to detail very well and make your extensions look fake and obvious as a result.

Unless you’re choosing extensions for the purpose of creating color streaks, it’s important to color-match properly as well. Choose extensions that are as close to your existing color as possible. The trick is to make the extensions feel like a natural part of your own head of natural hair.

Carefully Consider Length Beforehand

Sometimes it’s tempting for someone who has only ever worn short hair all their life to fall in love with the idea of getting super-long extensions. However, it’s important to realize that this may be far less comfortable and doable for you than you may otherwise think. You might want to consider test-driving an expensive wig in the length and style you’re considering at least around the house for a weekend before you commit to hair extensions. This will give you a better idea as to whether or not what you want really fits into your lifestyle and will be comfortable for you in the long run.

Think Ahead

Keep in mind that when you get permanent hair extensions, they’re often worn for a particular length of time. Carefully think ahead in regards to occasions you have coming up and make sure that the extensions you’re thinking about will be appropriate. Do you really want to wear those hot pink accent streaks you were considering for the summer to your strait-laced aunt’s wedding in July? In the event the answer is no, you can always opt for removable clip-in extensions instead.

When carefully chosen with care, hair extensions can be a great way to spice up your look and express yourself. Get yours today!