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Gender Equality and Fair Treatment of Women at Beauty Factories

March 27, 2013

Typically, when one conjures up images of beauty factories, i.e. manufacturing establishments where beauty products are made, say false eye lashes, wigs, hair extensions and so on, one thinks of sweatshops where workers toil hard, day in and day out, to make what would easily be considered as slave labor in western markets.



Honestly, such a scenario really could not be further from the truth.

After all, the new-age beauty establishments have all become really very wary about providing an all round work ambiance which ensures pleasing conditions as well as work satisfaction for the employees themselves. They know that if they do not provide these amicable conditions to employees, it is only a matter of time before they will start seeking out greener pastures.

In this regard, it has been observed that gender equality and fair treatment of women have particularly emerged as very important aspects in the entire beauty centric business.

Let us examine these two aspects in greater detail, in order to gain the best possible perspective.


Gender Equality

Gender equality in particular has taken shape in recent times in a very big way. There are many factors responsible for a change of heart – and indeed a change of attitude, as far as gender equality is concerned.




First up, we see that there are many global organizations which have all begun to clamor hard for gender equality at the ground level, across a variety of industries and this is an aspect which has manifest itself in the beauty industry as well.

Further, it makes little sense to discriminate between men and women at the workplace when it is clear that on the performance front, neither is inferior – or superior to the other in anyway. Rather, they are both very well known to be equal on the performance front.


Fair Treatment of Women

While gender equality continues to stand its ground in a very big way, fair treatment of women is also becoming just as important, perhaps all the more so. Now, you might be equating both these aspects as somewhat similar, but that is not actually so.

Essentially, women do tend to have special needs of their own which cannot be suitably taken care of, if gender equality is blindly followed. Instead, the need of the hour is to have suitable processes in place wherein fair treatment of women can be ensured.

After all, the maternal instinct is there in every woman. At the same time, she has to continue working and earning. Therefore, appropriate maternity leave needs to be meted out to women so that they can become mothers, as they aspire for. Yet they should not be affected because of this at their workplace, say being fired from work for being pregnant.

 Women in particular are the target of all kinds of sexual harassment at the workplace, something that men rarely, if ever, have to face.

 Again, gender equality cannot quite look into this aspect fairly. Therefore, the need of the hour is always to have proper processes in place which can prevent sexual harassment or sexual abuse from taking place, and per chance that it occurs, suitable action is taken to penalize the perpetrators as well as to ensure that such acts are not repeated.


Ramifications for the Beauty Industry

All of these have major ramifications for the beauty industry.


Increasingly, as the industry goes more and more global, it cannot function in isolation, particularly when say the products being manufactured in one particular part of the world are in turn being sold all over the globe. This in turn means that laws apply universally with regard to say work environment and maintenance of specific standards.

In that regard, the beauty industry seems to be playing its part very well and is all set to ensure a leadership position in ensuring that congenial conditions are uniformly established all over.