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How to Build a Solid Wig Collection

September 13, 2012

There are many reasons why a person might want to build a larger collection of wigs, as opposed to selecting just one wig and sticking with it. Wig collecting is about more than just disguising baldness or covering the look of less than desirable hair. It’s about embracing wig-wearing for what it is and taking full advantage of the level of variety wigs can bring to the table.

Some people start collecting wigs for a serious reason – such as hair loss due to cancer or alopecia – and decide to use their condition as an opportunity to embrace different looks. Other people simply enjoy playing with different hairstyles, cuts, colors, and textures without the need to make a long-term commitment to any given one. Whatever your reasons for wanting to explore it, wig collecting can be a fun, fulfilling way to express yourself and turn a few heads in the process. Here are some basic fundamentals to get you started.

Quality Should Still Trump Quantity

When you’re ultimately looking to build a large wig collection, it may be tempting to spend your money on a lot of cheap wigs all at once instead of making an investment in two or three quality pieces to start with. This is a mistake, especially if you want your wigs to actually last well, look natural, and do proper justice to your appearance.

Think of your wig collection as a hobby that you intend to keep working on and investing in into the future. Start with just a couple of really good wigs and plan on adding more of equal quality to your collection over time. The best quality wigs will possess the following characteristics:

  • They’ll be made of natural hair, as opposed to synthetic. If you do decide to add some synthetic pieces to your collection, make sure they’re of the highest quality.
  • They’ll be handmade as opposed to machine made. Handmade wigs not only look more like natural heads of hair, but they behave more like them as well.
  • They’ll fit well. Consider having yourself properly measured for a wig before you start buying. Knowing your size beforehand will open up your options considerably. You’ll be able to buy online, for instance.
  • They’ll come from good quality sources that stand behind their products and have good reputations in regards to key concepts like customer satisfaction.

It’s perfectly fine to add the occasional inexpensive novelty item to your collection. However, the vast majority of your collection should consist of solid, flexible, quality pieces. In this way, wig collecting is a lot like building a wardrobe. Treat it as such!

Don’t Be Afraid to Embrace Variety

While it’s all fine and dandy to collect a bunch of wigs that all look more or less the same, why not really embrace the possibilities? Try starting slow in order to ease yourself into the concept. For instance, if you really have a self-image concept that revolves around being a blonde, start by experimenting with different styles in similar lengths.

Eventually try branching out to wig concepts that are much longer or shorter than you’re used to. Switch up the shade of blonde as well. If you’re used to being a sandy blonde, why not spice things up with a Marilyn Monroe platinum… or swap out your sun-kissed blonde to a warm honey for a great autumn look?

Many dedicated wig collectors also feel that a solid collection will span different colors, as well as styles – especially if they’re building for fun and not solely to conceal hair loss. You should at least consider adding a full range of darks, reds, and lights over time, as well as different lengths, textures, and cuts. Many people even eventually add “fun” colors like purple or pink to the mix.

Learn How to Maintain Your Wigs

One of the most important lessons any wig collector can learn is how to properly care for and maintain their wigs. Don’t just invest in wigs. Also invest in the accessories and supplies necessary to care for them. Don’t simply fling your wigs into the corner or onto your vanity table when you undress at night. Arrange them carefully on proper racks or holders, preferably in an area set aside specifically for your wigs.

If you opt for human hair wigs, make sure you understand the necessities of caring for them – such as how often they should be washed. Human or natural hair wigs will also need to be styled near daily, so make sure you set aside enough time each week to take care of your collection, especially in regards to the wigs you wear most often.

When approached properly and built with care, a wig collection can be an artistic, fun, and enjoyable way to explore self expression and expand your definitions of beauty. Give it a try for yourself today!