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How to Make Your Eyes Pop With Individual False Lashes

October 31, 2012

False eyelashes are all the rage these days for sure. However, not everyone is looking to recreate a retro look or glam it up. They’re looking for a way to enhance and augment the look of their lashes, but in a way that’s natural enough for wearing on the weekends or even to the office.

Luckily for lovers of the natural look, today’s false eyelash options are as flexible as can be. While traditional strip-style eyelashes are terrific for more glamorous nighttime looks, individual lashes should be your choice for day wear. Individual lashes are the perfect way to fill in your existing lashes and beef them up a little bit. However, they are virtually undetectable when applied carefully and properly. You can even wear them without additional make-up if you wish.


Choosing the Right Individual Lashes

As is the case with any false eyelash look, the first step to success lies in making a smart selection from the get-go. Most beauty supply shops will carry your choice of individual lashes or lash clusters. Either would be great for enhancing a natural, eye-popping lash look, but individual lashes would be the most natural choice of them all. Lashes should be gently trimmed to match the length of your existing lashes before application.


Prep Your Eyes

The trick to making sure your individual lashes stay in place for as long as they’re supposed to lies in making sure you start with a properly prepped eye area. Your face should be clean and dusted lightly with a face powder and/or a foundation. If you’re going to wear eyeliner, you will also want to apply that first before applying lashes. Leave mascara out of the equation for now.


Applying Adhesive to Lashes

The trickiest part of applying individual lashes often lies in applying adequate amounts of glue without making a huge mess. Try dotting glue onto a clean, flat surface like a mirror and then dipping the end of the eyelash into the glue using a set of tweezers. Allow a few seconds for the glue to become tacky before beginning to place your false lashes.


Placement of Your Lashes Is Important

Since individual lashes and clusters can be more difficult to work with than the strip style, it’s advisable to continue employing the use of your tweezers. For the most natural lash looks that really make your eyes pop, apply lashes only to the outer two thirds of your upper eyelid. The reason for this is that natural lashes grow much shorter on the bottom lids and inner corners of your top lid. Applying false lashes to these areas can easily give away the fact that you’re using falsies, defeating the goal of looking natural in the first place.


Finish Your Look

Last but definitely not least, it’s important to finish your natural lash look with a little bit of mascara. This will not only accentuate your lashes even further and give you the wide-eyed look you’re after, but it will help blend your natural lashes with your false lashes for a seamless and completely undetectable appearance.