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The Delectably Desirous Appeal of False Lashes

May 17, 2013


When it comes to adorning ourselves in ways that make us seemingly more appealing and attractive, there are clearly options galore. For instance, there is makeup, jewelry, dresses, shoes, and a variety of other paraphernalia which can together contribute towards making us what we ourselves and indeed others around us would consider as “enticing”.

But the problem lies in the fact that a lot of this paraphernalia can end up costing an absolute fortune. Take jewelry as a prime example; if we are to look at authentic gold, silver, diamond or platinum jewelry, they cost so much that often times it seems that one would need to rob a bank to actually buy jewelry to our heart’s content!!


 Sure these diamonds look bedazzling, but cost an absolute FORTUNE!


The same can be said about dresses and shoes; as soon as you get into the high-end brand territory – and we are talking no less than say a Gucci or a Prada, we are clearly referring to VERY big bucks!


    Yes these Gucci shoes and the Prada bag above would look absolutely gorgeous on you but at a HUGE cost!


It is under such circumstances that we find false eyelashes come forth as an absolutely brilliant bit of fresh air – in the whole appearances segment, wherein at a fraction of the cost of other typical accessories, one can look and feel so good! No wonder then, from the Kardashian sisters to Adele to Katy Perry, they all seem to fall in line for false eyelashes, hook, line and sinker!!


  Adele looks absolutely stunning with her false eyelashes (in particular!)


The biggest attribute which has been attached to false eyelashes – apart from the cost advantage, is the whole convenience factor. After all, they are really easy to stick on. In a sense they can be looked as “heels for the eyes”, minus all the inconvenience and discomfort which invariably comes with wearing actual heels all day!

And yet, with such a convenient and easy to use or apply accessory, it is as though a whole new you which steps out each time you have false eyelashes on! After all there is so much variety on offer even within the whole false eyelashes niche! And when we combine that with other add-on accessories such as mascara or eye color, we find that the whole variety factor takes on a whole new dimension altogether! No wonder then that recessions and economic turmoil round the world notwithstanding, if we are to single out the false eyelashes industry as a whole, we find that it has only continued to grow incrementally, to what was a $44 million industry in 2010, going by global annual sales, reflecting a 6.2 percent increase in uptake, in a scenario which was otherwise marked by grim reports the world over for beauty products.



  Both the costs as well as the convenience factors have had a major role to play as far as a surge in the overall uptake of false eyelashes globally is concerned


Yes, cost (low cost to be specific) has been a major factor indeed. After all even if we look at major brands, they too have kept prices of false eyelashes low. The same can be said about accessories which go along with these false eyelashes, such as mascara, which even from the likes of Maybelline may not set you back by more than $20 or so. Naturally, given the prolific advantage that these false eyelashes have to offer in terms of providing a quantum jump in the whole attractiveness quotient at a fraction of the price of other cosmetics or beauty products, the penchant for them among customers is totally understandable.

Another aspect which deserves merit is the fact that when it comes to attractiveness as a whole, eyes play an absolutely central role. Be it man or woman, we find that eyes are pivotal to the whole attraction game played out between the sexes. In such a scenario, if an inexpensive accessory can be added on to accentuate the whole attractiveness aspect, clearly there will be a strong preference for that accessory!



 Eyes are central to the whole attractiveness quotient, men and women alike!


Advancements in technology too have played a major role in the extent to which false eyelashes have found patronage among customers. After all, we have clearly come a very long way from the days when the ancient Egyptians used archaic items like honey and even crocodile stool to actually fixate eyelashes, also using ash to darken both eyelashes and eyebrows. Today, thanks to recent advancements in Japan wherein temporary glue was used for the first time to affix false eyelashes, we have clearly come a very long way in giving ourselves a truly attractive demeanor and appeal which is absolutely unmistakable!

This has in turn driven professional “lash salons” if you will, to be setup with increasing vigor, of course particularly in mature markets like the US, with other developing markets in the East and elsewhere, also taking cues from these developments. Further, the fact that celebrities in the movies, in pop culture as well as on television, are all increasingly resorting to false eyelashes, are playing a major part in the way this particular accessory in making its forte into mainstream makeup paraphernalia, with a clear indication that it is here to stay.



 Such “lash salons” are playing a crucial role in giving patrons the look they desire, in mature markets like the US


At PT Bio Takara, we clearly see this as an extremely positive sign. After all, false eyelashes, along with wigs, hair extensions and toupees, form the core of the products that we have on offer. So if there is a global trend with regard to greater uptake of false eyelashes, we can only be delighted with such news. At the same time, it will then strengthen our endeavor to provide superior quality false eyelashes, in more and more variety, so that we in turn are fully capable of serving worldwide penchants which would of course be quite different to one another.