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Tips for Keeping False Eyelashes in Good Condition

January 1, 2013

Even girls who consider looking good to be a top priority are watching their budgets these days. After all, no one wants to shell out more money for beauty supplies when proper care and maintenance techniques can help the old ones that worked just fine last much longer. This is as much the case with false eyelashes as it is with anything else.

False eyelashes are a huge part of every modern girl’s arsenal when it comes to creating today’s hottest and most head-turning looks. However, knowing how to make false eyelashes shine is only half the battle. Beauty-conscious ladies in the know also know that knowing how to take care of their lash accessories is also critical. Let’s examine how you can make sure you get the most possible use out of your own falsies.


Observe Proper Removal Techniques

It’s important to understand that you should never simply pull false eyelashes off without the aid of a special product made especially for the purpose. This not only damages your false eyelashes, but puts your valuable natural lashes at risk as well. Make sure you always use make-up remover specially designed for the removal of eye make-up in particular. Some false eyelash kits even come with a custom formulated remover made to dissolve eyelash adhesive. Apply the remover, allow to sit for a couple of minutes, then gently pull false lashes off with ease.


Remove All Traces of Eye Make-Up

Once you’ve taken your false eyelashes off, it’s important to make sure that you clean them thoroughly using proper procedure. If there are still visible globs of eyelash glue attached to your false eyelashes, gently remove them with a clean pair of cosmetics tweezers. From there, gently position lashes over a paper towel or clean cloth. Dip a cotton ball or q-tip in oil free eye make-up remover and gently clean lashes until all traces of mascara, eyeliner, and shadow are gone. Alternatively, you can briefly soak false eyelashes in soapy water to help loosen the hold of the eye make-up you’ve used.


Store False Eyelashes Properly

It’s important not to simply toss your false eyelashes into an already cluttered make-up kit or jewelry box and hope for the best. False eyelashes are delicate items, so it’s important to take the proper measures to protect them. Often, false eyelashes come with a custom-made case that provides an excellent option for storing them safely. Once gently patted dry, you can store your eyelashes in this same case and rest assured that they’re safe. Barring that option, consider using a small match box or other container to store your various eyelashes. Just make sure that no other type of item is stored in the same container.


Ultimately, taking the proper steps to care for your false eyelashes can add up to quite a bit in saved expense, time, hassle, and frustration. Always have the proper tools, make-up removers, and containers available to prolong the lives of your false eyelashes and similar items.