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Workplace Safety becomes Top Priority for PT Bio Takara

February 3, 2013

While workplace safety may have been less of a concern for beauty industry doyens in the past, the same cannot be said today when we find that manufacturers and pretty much all stakeholders in the industry play a very important part in ensuring that when it comes to safety, there is no kind of compromise that takes place in any way at all.

PT Bio Takara has this in mind while designing and implementing our operations.


Workplace safety has become top priority

Agreed that laws may have played a major role with regard to compelling all of these stakeholders, these companies or bodies to really play by the rules but largely we find that things are far beyond simply the provision of these rules or these laws.

Rather, there seems to have been a sea change in attitude which has done the trick.

Further, we find that players in this space have increased manifold, especially with demand for beauty products skyrocketing the world over.

These factors together have ensured that when it comes to workplace safety, it is not compromised under any circumstances whatsoever.

Let us examine some of these factors in greater detail for a better understanding.



Potentially hazardous nature of substances used in the beauty industry

There is no doubt that when it comes to the beauty industry, there are a lot of substances used which are nothing short of hazardous. Instances would include various petroleum industry derivatives which have the potential to catch fire when handled carelessly.

Moreover, palm oil is another very important ingredient used to create a variety of beauty products. While the scope, with regard to destruction of various natural rain forests where palm trees grow, would be outside of this article, it would be pertinent to mention that improper handling of palm oil can be just as hazardous.


The extraction of palm oil, a key constituent of the beauty industry, has often come at the cost of environmental degradation


Proper light and ventilation

When it comes to any industry – beauty industry included, it is absolutely essential that initiatives are taken to ensure that all workers have suitable access to proper light and ventilation.




Proper light and ventilation – like in the picture above, would be a must for workers to perform optimally

If this is not the case, then the working conditions cannot be considered safe or appropriate by any means.

After all, if they do not get adequate light, they clearly cannot see properly and as a result, cannot perform adequately.

Further, without adequate ventilation, they will not be able to breathe well which will also prove detrimental to their overall health and well being.


Provision of open space with adequate exit options

Many manufacturing enterprises, beauty included, operate in a manner wherein workers inside them remain relegated to a very cramped space, with little provision to move around. In fact, if we take into consideration the prospect of say a fire inside any of these places, the likelihood of casualties being high increases manifold since workers are crammed inside and cannot escape the said fire, since the exit options are themselves so limited.


The charred remains of the insides of a garment factory on the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh, which had no clear exit signs



Current scenario within the beauty industry

The beauty industry has no doubt taken note of all of these various situations and accordingly worked hard to ensure that none of these factors really hold true for it.

For instance, it has learnt to handle potentially hazardous substances very carefully.



The beauty industry has poised itself very well for various kinds of exigencies

Additionally, it has ensured that all workers have access to a neat and clean working environment, with adequate light and ventilation coming in, along with ample emergency exits in case of any exigency.

Compensation levels too have been bumped up considerably, commensurate to what can easily be considered as quality pay as per the standards of those countries, in order to ensure that living standards are maintained at least to a certain minimum degree of acceptability.