Eyelashes, Wigs, Hair Extensions, Toupees made in Indonesia


Are you ready to start your own turnkey business, with as little start up costs as possible? As an industry leader in wigs, hair extensions, toupee and eyelashes manufacturer, PT Bio Takara can provide you with all of the products and services you need to launch yourself to the top of the beauty industry. With the help of our skilled Indonesian craftsman and artisans, private label services, and OEM/ODM services, we can provide everything you need to create your ideal brand of quality hair products.

Custom Design

Our in-house designers and experts are always creating new styles, following the trends of today’s fashion industry. You can choose from products within our vast line of designs, or you can create your own. Let us know what your customers want, and we can execute your custom hair designs.

Custom Packaging

You can provide your own packaging design or UPC barcodes and we will use this to package your orders.
Our Private Label / services usually consists of the following steps:

  1. Customer contacts us regarding the product and styles needed.
  2. Our design house will customize a solution that will meet or exceed customer’s expectation in quality and cost-effectiveness. We will send the pre-production samples to the customer for review and comments. If necessary, sampling process will continue until the customer is satisfied with the design. Upon approval, customer gives us the order.
  3. Customer’s order will be put into production immediately and will be delivered according to the agreed shipping method and estimated completion time.

OEM/ODM Services

PT Bio Takara is an OEM/ODM, or Original Equipment and Design Manufacturer. This means that not only are we able to create original products for you, but we can also package those products with your own unique private label. If you do not already have a label you would like to use, our skilled label department can create one for you, showcasing your private business brand, including UPC codes. Your products will be ready to hit the shelves, or your customer’s hands, as soon as you receive them from our facility.

We communicate with our clients throughout the entire label and packaging design process. Our team will provide as many design samples as necessary, until the customer is completely satisfied with every aspect. Our samples are usually free and you only have to pay for the shipping costs (If you have DHL account, we could ship the samples under your account as well).  The order is not processed and completed until the customer gives approval.

Endless Possibilities

Any products you find within our inventory, and any custom products that we create for you, are available for our OEM/ODM private label services. By choosing PT Bio Takara as your manufacturing house, you will instantly have access to a wide variety of quality materials, which can be used to produce anything your customers desire. Simply let us know what you need, and our team will take care of the rest. With the help of our low minimum order requirements, affordable rates, and flexible services, supplying your own business has never been simpler.