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Beauty Trends for 2013 and Beyond

June 20, 2013

So you’re all excited and eagerly looking forward to everything that the New Year holds in store for you, right? Well, so are we!!

Accordingly, in this article, we are taking a slightly clairvoyant stance and providing our perspective on beauty trends for 2013 and beyond, which we feel will stand the test of time in the New Year and will also go on to make rapid strides in the ensuing periods ahead.

Rapid Uptake in False Eyelashes                         

The demand for false eyelashes as a whole will simply explode in 2013 and beyond, driven largely by an inherent desire among the younger, trendier crowd to look good and keep up with the times.

No doubt, videos like the one below from Chloe in Australia will play an important part in the extent to which youngsters in particular take to these false eyelashes all the more, since these videos give them a very good idea of the ways and means by which they can apply these false eyelashes with so much ease and comfort.



Costs too have been coming down dramatically, with more and more manufacturers coming into the fore, which at the same time, are not resorting to compromising on the quality of these false eyelashes in anyway.

The online medium as a whole has also given a BIG boost to the popularity of false eyelashes. The more girls from across the world view content on false eyelashes, the more they are motivated from within to purchase and apply them in order to look good, feel confident and of course, attract the attention of boys (or whoever else they may wish to attract for that matter!).

The Desire to Look Different at Different Times will Explode

Today, girls have realized more than ever that it is really not that difficult to look good and stand out from others. Accordingly, we feel that in 2013 and beyond, a major trend which will be witnessed would pertain to girls resorting to a variety of measures in order to look and feel good.

This would particularly involve trying on a variety of clothes, styles, designs and in turn accompanying that with various kinds of makeup as well as appearances so as to give an altogether different look, as per the occasion in question.

So if you as a girl happen to give off the appearance of a complete nerd while in computer class, the same you could very well emerge as a fashionista and beauty diva at your prom party or a hot date!

It is this flexibility, which while it has been seen already on some occasions, will come to the fore all the more in 2013 and beyond. Girls today take advantage of the plentiful video tutorials, blogs etc. which are there online for them to see with so much ease. They take advantage of this content – which is all on offer without any additional cost component attached to the same, to ultimately come out with a variety of looks, suitable to the occasion in question.

Watch the video below on how Christine Marie in the US gives herself a whole new makeover for 2013, especially with pink sparkling eyes!



The Demand for Wigs and Hair Extensions will rise

Likewise, in 2013 we should see more and more individuals opting for wigs and hair extensions as well.

And mind you, this will include women and men, both.

Balding men would increasingly opt for wigs – rather than remain bald, especially if they cannot afford more expensive hair weaving treatments.

Further, a rather sad and cringing reason for which uptake of wigs is likely to go up exponentially is a rise in cancer cases, wherein patients undergoing chemotherapy – one of the consequences of which is loss of hair, would opt for wigs as a cover up till the time they are in a position to recover and have their hair grow back again.

On a far less heartrending note, the uptake of hair extensions in 2013 will increase a lot, thanks to the various kinds of looks which girls in particular would like to sport. For instance, a lot of girls with short hair would definitely like to try out an occasional long hair look; now, since hair cannot be grown overnight, the best way forward for them would be to don hair extensions.



So as you can see, there are many trends which are likely to come to the fore in 2013, as far as the beauty industry in particular is concerned and specifically pertaining to items like false eyelashes, wigs, toupees and so on.

So plan your sales and promotion strategy for these items in 2013 accordingly!