Eyelashes, Wigs, Hair Extensions, Toupees made in Indonesia


PT Bio Takara provides great hair products for your male customers as well, in the form of exceptional men’s toupees. Our toupees have superior crafted Swiss-made hair system bases.


Our toupees are custom made to not only ensure you get exactly what you need, but also to allow us to guarantee they are made with the highest of quality.  Our expert toupee designers can work with you to choose from our in-house brand of toupees or create a custom made toupee just for you.  We are able to ensure a natural hair line which looks great on anyone.  Our hair system base allows our toupees to have a more natural look and feel which customers will love, and they will appreciate the fact that they are made from such high quality materials and are made to last.


Choose from our exclusive in-house designer brand of toupees, or have your hair products custom made by our skilled team of Indonesian artisans. We look forward to working directly with your business to manufacture the exact hair products you need.

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