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Widening Segmented Market through Custom Design

May 13, 2014

Have you experienced baldness? Is being stylish a part your lifestyle? In the growing fashion and beauty industries, companies and manufacturers are obliged to provide primary services to customers, including business-to-business. To accommodate the customers’ desires, custom design is delivered to retailers and small businesses. By providing this service, small businesses have the chance to provide customized wigs, hair extensions, and toupees to their customers.

Traditionally, wigs were used to cover the bald area, for either men or women. Though wigs have similar function as they once were, many individuals apply wigs to beautify the performances. Wigs are more than things to cover the baldhead! As such, it is important for smaller business to catch the business opportunities of wider market shares. It means there is a strong desire to wear wigs as part of their fashionable performance.

Why Choosing Custom Design?

So, what are the specific areas of custom design? In principal, customers are given the opportunity to order certain designs for the intended wigs in terms of colors, shapes, and styles. The customers may design their own wigs and send the design to the manufacturers, or otherwise. In principal, this service may mutually benefit producer and customers.

It is necessary to understand at the very beginning that, in the ever-tightening competition, every producer attempts to win the market share. As a businessman, you should realize that wigs and hair extensions are segmented market. It means only individuals who experience hairlessness and who desire to increase their performances need wigs. As such, custom design is intended to specify the targeted market.

What a custom designer does

In addition, the primary job of a custom designer is to customize designs based on the order. It means that he/she should be able to create specific design based on the intended purpose. For instance, long curly blonde wig is required to feature models in upcoming Fashion Week. Under this situation, a unique design can be created by referring to the existing products.

When there has been an agreement on custom design products, the designs are forwarded to overhead division. The division produces the specific design on limited number of wigs or relevant products. As customary process of distribution, the product is finally directed to packaging division. Later on, the process is distribution. The company provides custom design service is to accommodate customers with the desired products, of course. There is a significant purpose of providing this kind of service to customers and small businesses: to outperform the fierce completion in segmented market.