Eyelashes, Wigs, Hair Extensions, Toupees made in Indonesia

Our Company Values

The values that govern everything we do.

  1. Innovation: Innovation is our sustainable way of creating value to our stakeholders. We strive to create and implement new innovative ideas for our customers, our business, and employees. We create culture where new thinking and new ideas are encouraged and nurtured. 
  2. Adaptability: We adapt our organization to meet the challenges that emerge from any changes so we can always provide our customers with sustainable competitive advantage. 
  3. Integrity: Each one of us will have a personal honesty and integrity in what we do.
  4. Excellence: We will strive for excellence in what we do by continuously improving our business operations. We will consistently find better ways of doing the things we do.
  5. Teamwork: We act as a team to reach the same goal as a company. We are collaborative and respect the contributions of each person to the success of the team.
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